A Brief Patient’s Guide to Atlas Orthogonal Technique

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is a highly-specialized form of chiropractic treatment focused on restoring body balance through upper cervical spinal corrections. In particular, the manipulations concentrate on the first bone in the neck, which is also known as the atlas vertebra. Misalignment of this vertebra can lead to both physical and mental stress throughout the body. What is the objective…

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The Benefits of Life-Long Sports

Not only can playing sports at any age help you maintain your strength, stamina, balance, flexibility and coordination, the benefits are actually cumulative over time. That means the more adults participate in sports throughout their lifetime, the more they will benefit as they reach the age where joint problems and declining energy become a problem. For people to enjoy the…

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Can Video Games Be Good for Seniors?

It’s common to see kids and teenagers completely engrossed in a video game, but game consoles have yet to make much of an impact on the older crowd. This might soon change, though, as more evidence emerges that video games might be beneficial for seniors. New studies suggest that playing video games on a regular basis can help promote healthier…

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Let’s Talk About Keystone Habits

When asked what they want to accomplish in the next year, most people reply with big goals. Maybe they want to lose 30 pounds or earn a promotion at work. These types of larger or longer-term goals take time and can feel out-of-reach from the outset. Getting from where you are today to where you would like to be becomes…

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When it Comes to Posture, the Little Things Matter. Like Sitting on Your Wallet…

You know the big things that impact your posture, such as the height of your keyboard or whether you slouch on the couch, but it’s easy to overlook the little things. By the way, where is your wallet right now? If it’s currently in your back pocket, we need to have a talk… Little Things Matter When it Comes to…

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The Power of TENS

If you suffer from acute pain as the result of an injury, finding relief is probably one of the most important things on your mind. In many cases, pain is treated separately from the underlying condition that is causing it. A doctor of chiropractic has a wide range of treatment options to reduce or eliminate pain resulting from soft tissue…

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How to Get Your Kids Up and Moving

About one third of children in the United States are overweight. This is a worrying statistic, but not necessarily a surprising one. Busy school and family schedules leave kids little time for physical activity, while computers and television are often a much more appealing way to spend time than running around outside. However, if you watch kids on a playground,…

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Why Do So Many Patients Return for Regular Chiropractic Care Even After Their Initial Symptoms Are Gone?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard an acquaintance, friend or family member say something like this: “Once you start going to a chiropractor, you’ll have to keep going back forever.”  Most of the time, this is meant as a caution—a warning that chiropractic care is somehow addictive, cultish or (at worst) ineffective. As chiropractic physicians, we believe…

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Understanding the Vicious Cycle of Injury, Inactivity, and Weight Gain

Acute or chronic pain leaves most people on the couch or in bed. Discomfort in the back, neck, hips, shoulders, and extremity joints can make even moderate activity difficult and strenuous activity (such as jogging, biking, or hiking) nearly impossible. If not addressed quickly, this inactivity can begin a vicious cycle that leads to obesity, ill health, and even death….

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Why Do Ligament and Tendon Injuries Take So Long to Heal?

Ligaments and tendons both play an important role in the stability and function of the musculoskeletal system. The tendon connects muscles to bones while ligaments connect bones to other bones. Both are made of fibrous connective tissue that is relatively inelastic. Unlike muscle tissue, fibrous connective tissue does not have a significant blood supply to bring necessary fluid and nutrients…

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A Brief Patient’s Guide to the Pettibon System

The Pettibon System® is a spinal rehabilitation system developed 30 years ago by chiropractor Dr. Burl Pettibon. While still a student learning the principles of chiropractic—which include that much of our health depends on the proper alignment of the spine—Dr. Pettibon noticed that there was no generally-accepted model to use as a point of reference during chiropractic treatment. It was…

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Can Not Getting Enough Sleep Really Lead to Weight Gain?

Health experts generally agree that getting 8 hours of sleep each night is necessary for most people to be at their best. Some people require even more. Sleep allows your body to heal and recharge, and provides a range of cognitive and psychological benefits as well. There is also evidence that proper rest can play an important role in weight…

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