Indoor Air Quality? Here’s What You Should Know

When most people think about air quality, they usually think about pollution. The first images that come to mind are often those of factories spewing smoke into the sky or long lines of automobiles crawling along endless expanses of highway surrounded by a haze of exhaust. But did you know that air quality can also be an issue INDOORS? It’s…

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Winter Fitness Tips for the Rest of Us

Do you have family members, close friends or coworkers who just can’t wait for the winter weather to get here? Maybe they’re hardcore skiers or snowboarders. Maybe they’re ice skaters or hockey players. Or perhaps they’re all-season runners looking forward to a change of pace. Whatever they’re into, this article IS NOT FOR THEM. This article is for the rest…

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Chiropractic Care in Focus: Instrument Adjusting

Chiropractic care has evolved a great deal over the past century, with skilled practitioners around the world introducing new techniques to meet the clinical needs of their patients. The foundation of spinal manipulation—the basic procedure most people associate with chiropractors—is called a high velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) adjustment. While this type of adjustment has traditionally been done manually, it has…

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What is Scar Tissue and How Does it Affect Your Range of Motion?

When people think about scars, they tend to think about the ones that you can actually see. Usually, these are the result of some obvious trauma that has left its mark on the surface of the skin. But did you know that scarring can also occur below that surface, and that this type of scarring can influence how well you…

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“Better Get Some Ice on That… Or is it Heat?”

The question of whether to apply ice or heat to a particular injury is a familiar one for many people-and especially for parents who see more than their fair share of kids’ cuts, bumps and bruises. We know we want to relieve the pain, reduce swelling and speed healing, but which is the right approach, ice or heat? And how…

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Why Alcohol MIGHT be a SMALL Part of a Healthy Diet

“Medical Researchers Confirm the Health Benefits of Chocolate… and Sex… and Vacations.” It’s not a real headline, but it’s just the sort of news that tends to stick with people. Of course there’s a very good reason for this. At a time when scientists are warning us on a daily basis that many of the things we enjoy most are…

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Staying Healthy at the Office

When you work in an office job-even one that’s otherwise rewarding-it’s easy to feel trapped in a day-to-day pattern that doesn’t seem to leave much room for physical exercise or healthy eating. And this is true even though more and more Americans are becoming aware that sitting for long periods of time, often without a break, is hazardous to your…

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Ending Back Pain for Good

Why is it difficult for so many back pain sufferers to find lasting relief? The numbers tell a frustrating story: In a recent Consumer Reports survey, 88% of more than 14,000 subscribers who had lower back pain reported that it had recurred during the prior 12 months. Other research suggests that recurrence may affect one-third to one-half of all back…

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No Such Thing as “Good Vibrations” at Work

The Beach Boys first sang all about “Good Vibrations” way back in 1966, but there’s no such thing when it comes to working on the job. According to the 2010 Global Burden of Disease report, chronic pain is the single leading cause of disabilities worldwide. It places a very heavy burden on the world’s healthcare systems-caring for afflicted patients costs…

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The Hidden Health Risks of Inactivity

A great deal of recent research has highlighted the health risks associated with inactivity, primarily as they relate to obesity, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. This is why you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking.” at some point over the past few years. But there are also health risks to your musculoskeletal system that haven’t…

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Auto Accidents Can Spell Trouble at Any Speed

When we hear the words “car accident,” many of us probably think about dramatic multi-vehicle, highway-speed collisions that involve lots of victims and first responders-firefighters, police officers, EMTs and perhaps even helicopter pilots. These are the types of automobile-related accidents that can snarl traffic for miles and make the evening news. However, these are NOT necessarily the types of accidents…

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The Most Dangerous Jobs: A Chiropractic Perspective

It’s no secret that some jobs are just more physically demanding and more dangerous than others. Some of the most challenging ones are obvious-aerial acts in the circus, combat roles in the military, fire and rescue, heavy construction and deep sea fishing are just a few that come to mind. However, when it comes to non-fatal musculoskeletal injuries, the statistics…

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