What is Cryotherapy?

A fairly new form of therapeutic treatment, cryotherapy involves temporarily exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures in order to encourage healing and achieve other health-related goals. Shown to decrease inflammation of the body’s tissues (including muscles and joints), cryotherapy can also support the enhancement of the body’s circulation as well as decelerate cellular metabolism and reproduction. Cryotherapy is often…

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How Much Protein Should You Have in Your Diet? It Might Depend on How Old You Are

In recent years, we have been introduced to a variety of “pop” diet plans such as the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet that promise weight loss and better health as the result of substituting protein for carbohydrates. And although these diets have appealed to millions of Americans who would rather chow down on a cheeseburger or a steak than…

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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

When most people hear the term “mainstream medicine”, they probably have a pretty accurate intuitive understanding of what it means. It refers to the standard care that patients receive in doctors’ offices and hospitals across the United States. However, there is also another term in modern healthcare—“complementary and alternative medicine”—that is often less well understood by the public.  So what…

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The Fitness Logic of Cross-Training

There’s a very prevalent misconception in the amateur fitness ranks that mastering one type of exercise will result in whole-body fitness. An avid runner may think she’s reached the pinnacle of health, while a weight-trainer may believe he’s fit enough to do just about anything. However, this same runner may injure her shoulder while playing tennis or putting a heavy…

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Chiropractic Care and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

After years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, large numbers of U.S. servicemen and women have returned home with a wide range of physical and psychological injuries. While the American media has done a great deal to raise awareness of many of the challenges they face, from traumatic brain injuries and lost limbs to hearing loss and PTSD, other health…

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Ending the Vicious Cycle of Chronic Back Pain and Depression

Back pain can be crippling. It’s difficult to get out of bed, you can’t take part in the activities you used to enjoy, and you may feel like you’re trapped. Depression can be much the same—and it certainly doesn’t help to suffer both simultaneously. One very real danger of chronic back pain is that it often leads to depression. In…

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One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, Bad Fish? Making the Right Seafood Choices for You and Your Family

There’s no question about it—food has become complicated.  Issues ranging from genetically modified organisms, potentially toxic herbicides and pesticides and long-term soil depletion to growth hormones, antibiotics and the living conditions of farm animals make it more important than ever (and more difficult) to shop thoughtfully for groceries. Pay for organic? Eat seasonal? Buy local? Go vegetarian or vegan? It’s…

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Use it or Lose it: Five Tips for Maintaining Your Sense of Balance Beyond Middle Age

If you are middle-aged (40-60, by some definitions) or older, here’s 15-second self-test for you. Do you often find yourself needing to sit down or steady yourself against a table when putting on your shoes or stepping into pants? Do you increasingly need to use the armrests of your chair to “push off” when getting up? Do you generally hold…

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Soluble Versus Insoluble Fiber: What’s the Difference?

Dietary fiber is a very important component of any healthy diet. Technically, fiber refers to the portions of plants that are edible but that resist digestion. Increased dietary fiber has been shown to protect the body against many diseases (including heart disease), to improve blood sugar levels, and to prevent constipation. Fiber even aids in weight management because it has…

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Growing Up Healthy: Musculoskeletal Milestones in Baby’s First Year

One of the primary concerns for parents with a newborn is ensuring that the baby grows and develops normally. This is extremely important, since growth in the first year has a significant impact on the overall health and well-being of a child in later years. For parents, this means paying attention to musculoskeletal milestones in addition to weight and length….

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Endurance Sports Provide a Boost to the Body’s Nervous System

It’s well known that training in certain sports can improve a person’s endurance. If you’re a runner, for example, you know that as you continue to run every day or according to whatever training schedule you follow, you gradually develop the ability to run further, faster, and for longer periods of time. But did you know modern science doesn’t have…

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What Is “Swayback” and How Can It Be Treated?

“Swayback” is the common term for excessive ­­­lordosis (aka hyperlordosis). It is a spine disorder that involves an extreme inward curvature of the lumbar area—that is, just above the hips. Swayback (also called saddle back, due to the fact that some horses can experience a similar condition) makes the backside appear much more prominent due to a forward pelvic tilt….

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