7 Alternatives to Squats That Are Safer But Just as Effective

There’s no doubt about it. Squats can provide an exceptional full-body workout when they’re done the right way—one that strengthens the body’s core as well as the legs and arms. However, they’re also notoriously hard to do correctly, especially for beginners. This is a particular problem with squats because doing them the wrong way (with poor mechanics and/or too much…

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How Do the Microbes in Your Digestive Tract Affect Your Health?

Our bodies are filled with microbes, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. The complete collection of microbes in our body is called our “microbiome”. It is unique to us and is believed to affect our health in many different ways. In our intestines, the most abundant microbe is bacteria. There is currently great scientific interest in whether these bacteria might somehow…

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A Riddle for Runners: What Causes a Side Stitch?

If you’re a serious (or even not-so-serious) runner, chances are that you’ve experienced it at least once. You’ve just started what you hope is going to be a successful run, when out of nowhere a stabbing pain erupts in your side. The pain is so intense that you end your run early and head home feeling defeated… and probably a…

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The Psychology of Making Healthier Choices

Judging from the popular media, many of us have something in common—a shared frustration. It’s the experience of wanting to make important lifestyle changes (like exercising more, eating better and getting enough rest) but having trouble “following through” and actually achieving those goals. For some, this has become a recurring pattern. And—recognizing the pattern—many of these same people will choose…

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What Is Nerve Entrapment and How Can It Be Treated?

Have you ever felt an uncomfortable tingling sensation in your arm after performing the same motion for an extended period of time? Maybe it was after spending a day typing at your computer or raking leaves. This sensation may be caused by nerve entrapment syndrome, a common condition that is sometimes referred to as either a “trapped nerve” or a…

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Tips and Precautions for Winter Exercise

For many people, colder temperatures outside—whether at home or while traveling over the winter holidays—can mean big changes in exercise routines. Some will move their workouts indoors or hibernate during the winter months. Others, though, will decide to work with the seasons and find ways to be active outside. If you’re one of those people, this article is for you….

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Spinal Health During Pregnancy: What Mothers-to-Be Should Know

It’s no secret that having a child (especially for the first time) means big changes in the lives of the new parents. But even before the baby arrives, big changes are already underway in the pregnant mother’s body—changes that usually make it possible for her to carry her developing child for nine months and to give birth safely when the…

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What Are Spinal Molding Blocks and What Do They Do?

“Spinal molding blocks are one of the basic tools we use as part of a posture correction or curve rehabilitation program. While they may look like simple pieces of foam padding, their job is an important one.” “They provide a fulcrum-like support system that your chiropractor can use to gradually “re-mold” or “remodel” the spine (including its supporting musculature and…

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Voices of the NFL Speak Out About Chiropractic Care

Football is very, very hard on players’ bodies. By some estimates, American football players suffer about 500,000 injuries a year—twice as many as in any other sport. NFL injury data indicate that there were over 1,300 on-field injuries during the 2013/2014 season. A company called SimpleTherapy analyzed this data and found that some parts of players’ bodies are actually much…

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Gait Analysis Hits its Stride

“Gait” isn’t a word that you’re likely to hear very often these days. And if you do hear it (assuming you’re not a healthcare professional of some sort), chances are that you’re watching a horse race or some other kind of equestrian event. But the word can actually be used much more broadly: “The pattern of movement of the limbs…

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Patient Satisfaction with Chiropractic Care: By the Numbers

There’s no shortage of evidence that chiropractic care helps many millions of people every year. From clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals to online testimonials published on popular review and directory sites by individual patients who want to share their stories, it’s clear that chiropractic care can change lives. But there’s also a third way to assess the impact of…

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CAM and the Quiet Evolution of Healthcare. Chiropractic is an Important Part of a New Holistic Care Model

There’s no doubt about it. Healthcare has changed dramatically over the past few years. Some changes have been on the scientific or technical frontier—advances in gene therapy, new discoveries about the human microbiome and the introduction of breakthrough medical devices come to mind. Other high-profile changes have had to do with the social, economic and organizational aspects of healthcare—attempts to…

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