Balance, Reflexes and Senior Health

It’s sad but true: As we get older, our balance tends to deteriorate and our reflexes tend to slow. When you’re aware that it’s happening, it can be very frustrating. But when you’re not aware of these gradual changes, they can actually be dangerous as well. This is especially true as you exit middle age. Part of the reason it’s…

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cute little school girl sitting in desk with books

Why Do Schools Perform Spinal Screenings?

Many schoolchildren around the country are required to undergo spinal screenings at school when they enter certain grades. Some states require a simple manual spinal screening, while others do the screening alongside a mandatory BMI assessment and checks for chronic health conditions. In many states, spinal periodic screenings are offered on a voluntary basis, and local school districts (as well…

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A Day in the Life of a Crash Test Dummy

Crash test dummies. You probably don’t think about them very much (if at all), but you may owe them much more than you realize when it comes to your health and safety on the nation’s roads. Automobile makers use crash test dummies—that is, inanimate, human-like mannequins—to simulate the type and scale of injury that may occur in an automobile accident….

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Coping with “White Coat Syndrome”

Anxiety disorders should never be trivialized or dismissed out-of-hand. This is true even for disorders that aren’t well-recognized by the general public or are triggered in only one particular setting. These sorts of anxiety disorders can still have a profound effect on the quality of life of people who suffer from them. “White coat syndrome” (also sometimes referred to more…

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Focus on Footwear: The Trouble with Flip-Flops

Ask just about any chiropractor which type of footwear is the worst for your feet and back, and you’ll likely hear about two culprits: high heels and flip-flops. While high heels spell trouble for women, flip-flops are worn by men, women, teenagers, and children, making them a more ubiquitous health hazard than any other commonly worn type of footwear. So…

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Doctor Examining Patient's Back

Myth Buster: Chiropractors Aren’t “Real” Doctors!

It’s a myth that’s as old as it is untrue: “Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.” This unfortunate misconception has permeated popular culture and has likely kept many potential patients from receiving effective, drug-free and non-invasive treatments for musculoskeletal system issues. The notion that chiropractors aren’t real doctors is patently untrue: Chiropractors are real doctors. Here’s why: Chiropractors Must Be Degreed and…

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put one's forefinger to one's temple and twist it

What Is Neuroplasticity?

As has been demonstrated time and again, the human brain is a true marvel of evolution. A perfect example of the brain’s complexity and adaptability is neuroplasticity—but what exactly is it? Scientists use the term “plasticity” to generally refer to the brain’s ability to change. We know now that it is possible to form new brain cells called neurons even…

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big bite

A Simple Change to Combat Obesity

How many times have you heard the admonishment “slow down and chew your food”? For many people, the answer is “countless times.” But it turns out that mom was right—slowing down and chewing your food thoroughly is a great idea, as it helps to reduce obesity. Obesity has become an increasingly common and damaging condition over the past 20 years,…

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skateboarder in the air

Teens and Bedtime: How to Cope With Changing Sleep Patterns

Is your teenager staying up too late, only to have to rise early the next morning to catch the school bus? For growing teenagers, getting a full night’s rest is essential to good health—there is absolutely no substitute for it. Studies have shown that many teens are going without a full night’s sleep. The most prevalent reason is staying up…

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How to Turn Raking Leaves into a Healthy Workout

One of the most effective ways to get and keep getting physical exercise is to make it an enjoyable job. While raking leaves may not be at the top of your list of fun tasks, that attitude can change with a few tips. Fall is here, and for many people, that means lots of leaves in the yard. They aren’t…

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More Evidence of the Brain-Body Health Connection: Cardio Fitness Early in Life Gives a Boost to Memory Later in Life

In recent years, there have been a number of studies concluding  that people who are more active and engage in cardiovascular fitness exercise when they are young are more likely to remain physically healthy when they are older. The most recent studies are starting to emphasize more of the body-mind connection, and indicate that people who are more physically active…

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Choice of the motion

3 Spinal Decompression Options Explained

Severe back pain is not just unpleasant—it can be debilitating, preventing you from performing your daily routine and even confining you to bed for days. In decades past, patients suffering from spinal issues were often given incapacitating pain medication, told to avoid physical activity, referred for physical therapy, and when they did not heal, they often underwent spinal surgery. Luckily,…

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