Patient Testimonials

"I had lower back pain for many years and finally decided to stop taking medications and try Dr. Swistak. After regular treatment, over a period of a few months I saw wonderful results. With regular maintenance my back is fine and I can now do gardening and other work that strains the back without any consequences."

Rhonda C.

"The pain in my upper back has now gone. The treatment has been successful. More than that, Dr. Greg also uncovered and treated some other minor problems. One of the best parts of the treatment was Dr. Greg's attitude of care for me. This was my first chiropractic experience. I greatly appreciate the lack of medication. The human body is designed for self-healing and Dr. Greg aided that without giving me pills to pop."

Scott H.

"Within a couple of visits, me headache problem was resolved. Fantastic results in a very short period of time. Being active in sports, Dr. Swistak has always been there to help with all my ailments."

Jeff L.

"After a few weeks the back and heel pain no longer existed. Walking was now painless. Before treatment one of my legs was longer than the other due to misalignment of my spine and made walking very uncomfortable. I have been very active and productive this summer due to the great treatment from Dr. Swistak."

June C.

"I am very pleased with the quality of care that I received from Dr. Swistak. I have had back problems off and on since my teenage years. Dr. Swistak has provided me with great care over the last 5 years. I tried many treatment methods such as: physical therapy, cortisone injections, prescription pain medications, and ultimately back surgery. None of these therapies delivered the results that I have received from Dr. Swistak. I can now do many things that I couldn't do in years past like playing sports and weight lifting. I highly recommend Dr. Swistak to handle any back-related pain."

Ron N.

"Dr. Swistak is a highly competent, compassionate chiropractor. I thought that in my 80's I had to have a lot of aches and pains, and Dr. Swistak has helped enormously. Thanks so much for your expert knowledge, your superb skills and your personable kindness."

Gladys L., 81

"Dr. Swistak succeeded in relieving my debilitating neck spasm, which had destroyed a very active octogenarian's life style. His magic touch has continued to keep me pain free!"

Bob L., 83