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How to keep your Spine in Good Shape

The spine is the backbone of our body and our health. It encases the Central Nervous System which connects all our body’s organs and muscles to the spine which in turn facilitates communication between these organs and the brain. Any problem in the spine is likely to have a huge impact on our overall health. Keeping our spine in good health is paramount if we are to have good overall health. Let us now look at some simple tips to take care of our spine.


Stretching is very important for keeping our backs healthy.  It helps in maintaining normal joint function and the full range of motion that helps us reduce the risk of injury. Exercises and stretching help improve our posture. Exercises that strengthen the core are important to keep our muscles in the back and abdomen strong enough to protect our spine and to complete daily activities without injury. You do not have to be a member to a gym. Simple exercises such as jogging, swimming, dancing are enough for this.

Sleep well

Sleep is when our body rejuvenates itself. It gives an opportunity for the spine which was active the whole day helping us get along to have some rest. Unfortunately, some people don’t get quality sleep or sleep in a bad position which affects our back. Always sleep on a good quality mattress that will support your back. Sleeping on your side is highly recommended. Do not sleep on your stomach; it’s the worst position for your back.

Lift properly

Many back injuries result from poor lifting techniques either at home, in the workplace or in training. Always bend your knees and legs when lifting rather than your back. Putting great pressure on your back may result in twisting or even dislocation of a joint.

Check your weight

Being overweight puts pressure on our back to the point where we have problems especially when we gain a lot of weight in a short period. Maintaining a healthy weight by eating the right diet and leading an active lifestyle is very important for our spine.

Personalize your workspace

We spend a lot of our time at our workplaces. Most back injuries are as a result of this. If you work at a desk, have a right seat that supports your back and have your computer screen at a comfortable height, preferably eye level with elbows at 90 degrees. No matter the workplace you are in, try to optimize the setting to what best suits the health of your spine. Take frequent breaks from your work station as much as you can or are allowed to.

Chiropractic care

We cannot talk about the spine and fail to talk about chiropractic care. This is an area of medicine dedicated to proper spine health as a root for good overall health. A healthy well-aligned spine means better health and more productivity. Chiropractic care aims at maintaining spine health to enable the body to heal itself as it should. Book your appointment todayat Active Family Chiropractic ( a highly acclaimed chiropractic clinic that’s based in Gaithersburg, Maryland and discover the amazing benefits of having a healthy spine.

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