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How Chiropractic solves Neck Pain Problem

Neck disorders are becoming quite common. Just like lower back problems, the neck pain could be partly due to the nature we work and lead our lives nowadays. We tend to bend our necks to read on our screens. Either at home or school, it is common to see people looking down at their smart phones, computers or other devices. In some cases, the neck disorders can develop with so much pain that we are unable to carry on with our daily activities. Among the elderly, neck disorders may affect their balance.

The neck supports the skull. It contains seven vertebrae which enable it to turn almost every direction. This range of motion makes the neck susceptible to injury and pain. Between the vertebrae are nerves. If one of these vertebrae misaligns, they probably has pinched the nerve close to them causing pain. The vertebrae can be misaligned by poor posture or repeated movements or accidents that force the neck move beyond the normal range of motion or poor sleeping positions.

Chiropractic care is one effective way we can deal with neck pains. Once you book an appointment, the doctor will perform a physical examination to determine the location of the problem. They will also ask questions to determine what might be the likely cause of the problem. The doctor may also do a neurological exam to check your muscle reflexes, nerve changes and extent of pain. If further tests are needed to diagnose your problem, the doctor will advise.

Depending on the problems, your doctor will either begin treatment or will refer you to another specialist. Doctors of chiropractic do not carry out surgeries or administer drugs, if your problem requires these; you may have to see a medical doctor. However, most of the neck disorders can be successfully treated by chiropractic care or a combination of different interventions.

Neck adjustments are procedures doctors of chiropractic carry out to restore the mobility of the neck and align the vertebrae and joints. This will reduce pain or stiffness that was caused by misaligned vertebrae. The procedure is painless, and most patients will report improved ability to turn the head.

Chiropractic care is both natural and safe. It is an effective way to stop or prevent neck pains associated with everyday activities. Even for people who have had neck or back surgery after an accident, chiropractic care will help them restore the normal range of motion for these areas.

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