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Chiropractic Treatment for Weight Loss

2017 is here with us, and many people have made it their number one resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle. Losing weight features prominently in the New Year resolution list. But did you know that Chiropractors can help you lose weight?

Obesity is a leading cause of cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Most people are willing to lose weight but are not successful in their attempts. The approach they use may be the problem. An all-round approach is recommended for the best results. Nutritional changes, behavioral changes, and exercises should all be combined for sustainable weight loss.

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to reaching the healthiest version of you. Your doctor will advise on a wholesome change in your lifestyle to reap the greatest benefits. There are no invasive procedures or pills or fad diets as these are mostly unsustainable in the long run.

Chiropractic adjustments for weight loss:

Subluxations of the spine have been seen to cause weight gain in individuals. Our body communicates through nerves. When these nerves are blocked by misalignments in the spine, the communication is likely to get distorted. Some signals including those that control hunger may get hindered thus affecting their communication. Additionally, the subluxations may limit the range of motion that an individual has. This can make physical activity difficult leading to weight gain. With chiropractic care, these problems can be eliminated thus providing you with an easier path to losing weight. Hopefully you can visualize the connection now.

If losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle is one of your New Year resolutions, make it a point to contact a chiropractor for a holistic approach. The doctor will also serve as part of your support system in your journey. They will advise on different aspects of your journey including lifestyle and nutrition. Remember chiropractic care is all about great health and wellness.

Active Family Chiropractic ( is a highly acclaimed chiropractic clinic that’s based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. You can contact us for a consultation session to find out more about your condition or to schedule an appointment.

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