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A Treatment Plan Designed Around You

At Active Family Chiropractic Care Center, we evaluate your condition and design a plan of treatment that works for you based on your own unique needs and wants. In the case of acute conditions, we can often achieve great results for our patients with as few as two or three treatments. For patients with more chronic health problems, a treatment plan may involve a series of visits over several weeks. Regardless of the situation, we believe communication and flexibility are very important when it comes to tailoring our care and adjusting our approach as your body responds. If someone is feeling better in a couple of weeks and things are functioning the way they should, it’s typical for us to release that patient from care. On the other hand, if a patient’s condition is not responding as initially expected or other health issues emerge, it may make sense for us to revise or extend the treatment plan. We call this the “see-how-it-goes” approach.

Chiropractic Care Center

We use a combination of chiropractic techniques, from hands-on chiropractic methods to light-force instruments like the activator. We will gradually increase the intensity and aggressiveness of the techniques based on the requirements of the patient as well as their individual tolerance. However–once again–communication and flexibility are key. Those patients who are already familiar with chiropractic care and know that they can handle more aggressive techniques are always encouraged to let us know about their prior experiences and preferences.

Chiropractic Care PLUS

It is also common for us to combine soft tissue work such as trigger points and active release with chiropractic manipulation. We find that working the soft tissue (primarily muscles and tendons) along with mobilizing the joints allows for maximum increase in mobility and reduced tension.

Our goal is to deliver patient-centered care that is highly collaborative and well-coordinated. The team at Active Family Chiropractic is always willing to answer your questions and explain your treatment options!

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