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How to Avoid Bed Sores

How to Avoid Bed Sores

One of the key issues that bedridden patients have to deal with is how to avoid bed sores. Also commonly referred to as pressure ulcers, bedsores often develop when there is too much pressure on the skin. When your body isn’t getting much movement, this prevents adequate blood flow to the skin, thus depriving it of oxygen and nutrients. Bed sores lead to pain and discomfort, but can sometimes cause infections such as meningitis, endocarditis, and cellulitis. Common sites for bed sores include the shoulder blades, elbows, tailbone, heels, and hips. Here are some strategies to keep bed sores away.

Frequently change positions

Changing positions often is one of the most effective techniques to prevent bedsores. When you frequently change positions there’s less pressure on the skin, which reduces chances that pressure ulcers will form. It’s recommended that you reposition your body at least once every few hours. For instance, if you’re lying on your back, turn to your side. A family member or caregiver should help patients who are not able to turn on their own.

Keep skin clean and dry

Clean, dry skin is less likely to suffer from pressure ulcers. Dip a warm washcloth in a sink containing warm water and mild soap and use it to clean your skin. You might need additional help from someone else to clean hard to reach areas such as your back. Once cleaned, pat your skin dry using a clean towel. Don’t rub too hard as this may cause irritation.

Make use of pillows

Using pillows is another effective strategy to prevent bed sores. Simply stack a pillow between parts of your body that might be pressing against each other. Pillows should be placed on your shoulders, tailbone, elbows, and heels. If you’re lying on your side, put one between your knees and ankles.


This is another effective strategy to combat bedsores. But how does exercise happen when you can’t even get out of bed? A chiropractor or any other certified professional can conduct range of motion exercises while you are in bed. For instance, you can start with an arm lift.  Simply lift your arm as high as you are able to for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this exercise with your other arm.
Chiropractors can help bedridden people perform range of motion exercises to avoid bedsores. In addition, they can also perform other manipulation treatments to help ensure optimum health for the spine and other body parts.  Active Family Chiropractic –  come see us! (

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